What will be provided?

ToDo Meta Composites will provide several services. The examples are as follows.

(1) A novel 3D printer that prints continuous fiber composites and short fiber composites at the same time from one nozzle. Users can change fiber volume fraction at their favorite places and void ration will be less than 2%.

(2) Engineers can receive consultant service of truly innovative design. Usually digital engineering seems comprising of 3D CAD and FEM analysis. However, this is not true. These techniques are just tools to realize innovative mechanical products. ToDo Meta Composites will provide laboratory style seminar to customers in Tokyo Institute of Technology. They will accept improvements of stereotyped ideas. Conventional mechanical engineering is based on conventional machining tools. Truly innovative idea must get out of the conventional machining tools. You should not fabricate conventional bolts and nuts using 3D printers. Customers can learn this dramatic shift in thinking process in their daily work.

(3) Lectures and talks about innovative 3D printed composites.